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Current Show (September 26, 2016):

Discussed by Christopher Harris
with Unhyphenated America (www.unhyphenatedamerica.org)

We have had Mr. Harris, as well as others from Unhyphenated America, on The What’s UP Radio Program several times over the last few months. Today’s segment will hopefully give you more insight into Mr. Harris, his mission for helping America become unhyphenated, and his passion for the youth of our great nation.

Questions/Issues Discussed:

What is Christopher Harris’s heritage? Why doesn’t Christopher use his genealogy to his advantage?

Christopher Harris became a Congressional Intern at an age older than most. Why?

People begin to mirror what they read, watch, listen to, and those they socialize with. Listen in as Christopher Harris explains what he tells the young people which he mentors. “What goes in, stays in,” he says.

Booker T. Washington: "I have begun everything with the idea that I could succeed, and I never had much patience with the multitudes of people who are always ready to explain why one cannot succeed." Why has this quote had such an impact on Christopher Harris?

Christopher urges everyone to prayerfully consider becoming a mentor – and to be mentored, no matter your age! For more on Christopher Harris, click here.

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Discussed by Rob Michaels
with Serve and Protect (www.serveprotect.org)

In Dallas, Baton Rouge, and elsewhere in America, 66 officers have died in the line of duty this year, 31 of them by gunfire. That is 94% increase of gunfire deaths over 2015. In Orlando, the police were confronted with 49 victims of murder. These traumatic incidences are leaving emotional wounds that cut deep and will lead to Post Traumatic Stress.

When officers seek mental help in dealing with these traumatic situations, they run the risk of being fired. How are they to receive help, then?

Rob Michaels is a former police detective and Founder of Serve and Protect, a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating trauma resources for public safety professionals and their families.

Questions/Issues Discussed:

Is Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s divisive, anti-police rhetoric fueling the record number of murders of police officers this year?

What are the facts surrounding the killing of black men and women by police officers? How many white, Hispanic, Asian, or other races have been killed by police officers?

Must Hillary Clinton and the BLM gang change their message and their tone?

FACT: The founder of the BLM movement is living in a home that is owned by George Soros – a home that is worth nearly 1 Million.

Is routine police work extremely stressful, without adding the reality that at any time, from anywhere someone could be pointing a gun their direction?

If you or someone you know is suffering from PTSD due to the stresses related to being a First Responder, contact Rob Michaels and Serve and Protect at 615.373.8000 or click here.

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Discussed by Lt. Randy Sutton
with Lt. Randy Sutton (www.randylsutton.com)

Part 1 of 2

Are police officers more or less likely to shoot an unarmed black suspect as compared to shooting an unarmed white suspect?

New Guest Lt. Randy Sutton is the National Spokesman for Blue Lives Matter and a retired police officer who served with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department for 24 years. Lt. Sutton was awarded a Presidential Point of Light Award by President George Bush for his creation of a reading program for inner city children. He is also the author of several books, which can be found here

Today, Lt. Sutton will be discussing the very serious – and expanding – “Black Lives Matter” movement. Many people are still under the misconception that the movement, the leaders, and the participants are serving the community in a positive manner. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Lt. Sutton states, “It’s a propaganda movement that began by three unapologetically Marxist individuals and their agenda is anarchy.”

Lt. Sutton goes on to reveal the results from a recent Washington State University study on this question: Are police officers more or less likely to shoot an unarmed black suspect as compared to shooting an unarmed white suspect? According to their research (and the results from two other similar studies), a police officer is………. Listen in to hear the results in addition to details about police officer training which is vital for various real-life scenarios.

You’re scared. You want to do the right thing,” Lt. Sutton says. “And you have to make a split-second decision to determine if a life-threatening situation is right in front of you and you may die.

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Discussed by Lt. Randy Sutton
with Lt. Randy Sutton (www.randylsutton.com)

In the last segment, Lt. Randy Sutton revealed how a Washington State University study concerning the shooting of unarmed suspects showed the same results two other studies discovered. One study was in 1974 and the other was in the mid-2000’s. The most recent study was the most exhaustive of them all, using modern technology and up-to-date training equipment to determine the results. How can they all produce the same results, so many years apart, using different testing methods?

But, police officers are all bad and hate black people! Lies! “It is a gullibility of the media to put forth a false narrative,” Lt. Sutton states passionately. He goes on to reveal that the number of police officers who have been murdered this year is already double from last year. Coincidence? I think not. The lack of leadership from the White House is sickening. The Administration has done virtually nothing to deter the “Black Lives Matter” movement from advancing; in fact, they are aiding in their expansion.

The attacks on law enforcement are increasing with ferocity and being accepted by our Justice System,” Lt. Sutton states. He recently posted a video concerning this very issue on his website and on Facebook,  which he discusses in this segment.

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Discussed by Pastor David Fleming
with Champion Forest Baptist Church (www.ChampionForest.org)

Day 1

Several Sundays ago, Mark Lanier offered a “Brunch with Pastor David Fleming” during his Life Group Class. This week we are airing that Question and Answer Session. Tune in each weekday to learn more about Champion Forest Baptist Church’s Senior Pastor David Fleming, his family, and his thoughts on some theological issues. Note: Kevin Roberts, Mark Lanier’s brother-in-law, is the “MC” or “question-asker” for this brunch.

Questions/Issues Discussed:

If the Jews were God’s chosen people, then why do they need to accept Jesus as their Savior in order to go to heaven?

Is struggling with your faith a bad or a good sign about you or your salvation? Note: Pastor Fleming will expand on this question more in tomorrow’s segment. Don’t miss it!

BONUS: Pastor David sang for the class! Listen in!

Pastor David Fleming encourages you to visit Champion Forest Baptist Church in NW Houston this Sunday! CFBC has Life Groups classes (Sunday School) for all ages and walks of life, including Mark Lanier’s Biblical Literacy Class, as well as several service times and locations to choose from. For more information, click here.

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Discussed by Terry Lowry
with Host of the What's UP Radio Program

Host Terry Lowry interviews influential and knowledgeable guests on relevant topics for today.

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