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Current Show (October 9, 2015):

Discussed by Bill Federer
with American Minute (www.AmericanMinute.com)

The Bible has become a hated book in America, especially in the military. For decades, Presidents have relied upon the Bible and its message to help them and others through difficult times. President Wilson, in 1917, gave pocket Bibles to WWI soldiers as they were heading to war. Each Bible was inscribed with a message from Wilson which read, in part, “The Bible is the Word of Life. I beg that you will read it and find this out for yourselves, read, not little snatches here and there, but long passages that will really be the road to the heart of it…When you have read the Bible you will know it is the Word of God, because you will have found in it the key to your own heart, your own happiness, and your own duty.

Bill Federer, with American Minute, discusses a General who wrote a note in the book of Psalms to service men, urging them to trust in the words found within. Even President Roosevelt wrote a forward in the New Testament for soldiers: “Walk humbly. You will do so if you study the life and teachings of the Savior.

Bill reveals how an organization recently sent Bibles to American soldiers in the Middle East and OUR Government had the Bibles burned because they didn’t want to offend the Muslims!! This is completely outrageous. Bill explains that people which have been conquered by Islam are not allowed to offend them in any way. By burning the Bibles, we basically told the Muslims that we surrender to them. Shameful!

So what happened? Why is the Bible becoming a thing of the past? Why do so many men and women hate it? Why are the courts in America throwing it to the curb? We can’t bring the Bible into public view now without someone, somewhere, crying and whining "Separation of church and state! This hurts my feelings! I need my safe room where I can color and hold a stuffed animal!

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Discussed by Bill Federer
with American Minute (www.AmericanMinute.com)

Europe had been, for the most part, Judeo-Christian for centuries with spots of Jews scattered here and there. Then came the French Revolution. Things went from great to pretty bad to really, really, really bad very quickly. There was a leader named Maximilien Robespierre who was just awful. Listen in as Bill Federer gives a brief run-down of this part of history and why it is so important to remember.

Fast-forward to today… Just ten years ago, there was only a handful of mosques in Germany. Now there are over 300! The number one crime in Germany is rape (Muslims raping German women) and the number one name in England is now Muhammad. Bill goes on to reveal that 751 neighborhoods outside of Paris, France, have been completely taken over by Muslims. The police can do nothing about it except post signs which state “enter at your own risk”.

Here in America, through the UN resettlement program, thousands upon thousands Muslims are being moved to rural towns and big cities for “refuge” and “safety”. What about our refuge and safety from them? These are some of the most radical, dangerous people in the world and we are willingly bringing them to our country!

Bill discusses the possibility of an Arab Spring – an October Surprise – next year before the election. Will Muslims rise up and protest American Law, causing fear in people so great that the President is forced to take executive action? Listen in as Bill explains what could happen and what the President just might do. It’s pretty scary. Really, really scary.

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Discussed by Dr. Steve Hotze
with Conservative Republican of Texas, PAC www.CRTPAC.com

The Democrats have money – lots and lots of money. They are going to continue to shove their twisted, perverted homosexual agenda down our throats until we can protest no more. They don’t care who they destroy in the process; all they care about is getting to your kids and grandkids. Are you just going to sit back and watch it happen?

Dr. Steve Hotze urges everyone to get involved now. Give money. Give time. Educate yourself, your family, your neighbors, your co-workers, your Bible study class, your kids’ teachers, your kids’ coaches, the cashier at the grocery store!!!

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance is bad, bad, bad news, people. Men do not belong in women’s bathrooms, gym locker rooms, or changing rooms at the mall. Teenage boys do not belong in the shower with girls at school or using their bathroom, either! The left uses the argument: “Oh but these are transgender men. They don’t want to be with a woman.” Our argument: “What is keeping a man or teenage boy who is a pervert from entering a female restroom at any given moment? Nothing.”

Dr. Hotze and others began running informative ads before Labor Day. The left was caught unaware and had to scramble to get their attacks ready. Listen in as he describes some of the left’s ads and what they are admitting to.

This all leads to moral and sexual anarchy,” declares Dr. Hotze. “That’s exactly what the radical homosexual movement wants…But to defeat them we need money! It takes money to put out TV ads and radio ads and send out mailers.

We must stop them at all costs. Please consider giving financially by clicking [here] or offer up your time to help spread the truth about HERO and its dangerous consequences.

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Discussed by Phyllis Schlafly
with Eagle Forum (www.eagleforum.org)

A good strategist always has at least one backup plan. It’s now time for the Republican Party to step up their game and give up on Plan A. Republican donors want a candidate who will do anything they want him or her to do. Jeb Bush, being a moderate in every way, was that man. However, Phyllis Schlafly, President of Eagle Forum, says Jeb Bush is just not working for the establishment anymore. He’s not popular like they thought he would be.

Most of the donors are big business owners who want to control their candidate. However, with the soaring popularity of Donald Trump, what are they to do? He clearly is not a candidate who will obey their every beck-and-call. Ted Cruz and Ben Carson aren’t push-overs, either.

Listen in as Phyllis Schlafly explains how the Primary Caucus works. “The thing about this time, for the first time in 50 years, we’re going to have a wide-open election,” she believes. “The establishment’s plan is to pick their candidate and then freeze everyone else out.” We cannot let that happen. Phyllis urges everyone to either get themselves elected to the delegation or elect someone who shares your same vision for the country. Don’t sit idly by. Do something.

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Discussed by Mark Lanier
with Biblical Literacy (www.Biblical-Literacy.com)

Day 5

Balancing the Decisions we Make: Men (μέν) and de (δέ)

Hebrews 8:4-7 and Hebrews 10:11-12 are other men/de examples. In chapter 8, the priests bring up the fact that Jesus should not even be teaching or preaching because he was from the tribe of Judah. Priests were supposed to be from the tribe of Levi!

Listen in as Mark explains this and also how it ties into Hebrews 10 and even Acts 12. It’s amazing how God can use different men from different eras and even different backgrounds to make the same point!

Points for Home:

1. Those who do not believe in the cross are foolish and will perish. To those who follow God, however, the cross is power.

2. When things are rough, pray. Just pray. Prayer is a must.

3. We are the servants in God’s house and Christ is over God’s house. He is our goal. He is the reason we live.

Mark is leading his 800+ member class into a deeper understanding of God’s Word. Join him next Sunday at Champion Forest Baptist Church in NW Houston.

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Discussed by Terry Lowry
with Host of the What's UP Radio Program

Host Terry Lowry interviews influential and knowledgeable guests on relevant topics for today.

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