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Current Show (November 21, 2014):

Discussed by Daniel Agranov
with Israel’s Consulate Office in Houston (www.houston.mfa.gov.il)

The MSM won’t report on it anymore, but nearly every day there is some form of terror attack on the people of Israel. They target babies, women, men by themselves, Rabbis in synagogues. These attacks are not usually by guns or bombs, but rather cars running people over or stabbings. Horrible, unimaginable deaths.

What is fueling these vicious attacks by Palestinians in Jerusalem? Why is there so much hatred? Where is the United States during all this? Can the killings be stopped? If so, how?

Listen in as Deputy Consul Daniel Agranov discusses the recent attacks and why he believes they are becoming more frequent and violent.

Also, what should Americans be aware of when traveling to Israel for Christmas or Easter?

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Discussed by Stephen Halbrook
with Stephen Halbrook www.StephenHalbrook.com

A lie repeated often enough will be seen as truth by the people. Hitler did it. Others have done it. Obama and left are doing it now.

Stephen Halbrook says in his book “Gun Control and the Third Reich” that Hitler’s first goal was to disarm his enemies, which to him meant the Jews. Everything had to be under Hitler’s control – jobs, businesses, the military, even sporting events.

Many historians these days do not even mention this! Do they think that people will just forget? The Israeli’s sure aren’t going to forget any time soon! The Palestinians in Jerusalem are attacking people in broad daylight; these attacks are getting more violent and more frequent.

Now, the Israeli government is loosening their “open-carry” laws, allowing more people to openly carry a gun in defense of themselves and others.

Listen in as author Stephen Halbrook discusses what must be done and how Israeli’s can protect themselves. Log on to www.StephenHalbrook.com  to order a copy of his great book “Gun Control and the Third Reich”.

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Discussed by Dr. Marilyn Singleton
with Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (www.aapsonline.org)

Our human nature wants to believe the best in people. Oftentimes, we realize too late that we have been duped. This is proving to be true with Obamacare.

John Gruber has been paid millions of dollars from the US government to spread the lies of Obamacare. Now, Gruber has been caught saying the American people are too stupid to understand what is going on. Not this American, Mr. Gruber! And not the majority of those who listen to the What’s UP Radio Program! (I only say “majority” because there are those on the left who listen simply to spread lies about me, but that’s for another topic another day.)

Where did the viral videos of John Gruber come from? Some of these are several years old. Why are they just now coming to light? Listen in as Dr. Marilyn Singleton explains how she was quite shocked when she started seeing stories and videos about Gruber’s nonchalant attitude during conferences and meetings. Why didn’t anyone attending ever mention his lies? Why didn’t they realize anything wrong with his statements?

This is not how our Republic should be run. Never is it ok for our leaders and their experts to lie to the American people – no matter what side of the fence you are on. But there is always hope that they will do the right thing.

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Discussed by Mark Lanier
with Biblical Literacy (www.Biblical-Literacy.com)

Day 5

It’s Revelation Time!

Mark has taken us through John and the Book of Acts and now we are finishing the Context Bible Plan with Revelation. The sermons will contain the meat of the lesson each week, so make sure you listen online or attend in person. Log on to www.ChampionForest.org for service times and locations.

The World is Broken – But there is Hope!

During the segment on Wednesday, Mark pointed out the differences in some of the accounts about the end of days. The differences in creatures or people don’t really matter. What is more important are the numbers of creatures. The number of people. The number of praises. The number of groups. The number. The number. The number. Over and over again, the numbers are the same.

In Philippians 2, Paul made sure that the people were told how to act and behave – how to be more like Jesus. That’s really what it is all about – what our lives should mirror. He describes the reality of heaven and what heaven will be like for all who believe and trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are in your walk with God, how smart you are, what job you have, what mistakes you’ve made or will make – praise the Lord anyway. If life is good – praise Him. If life is rough – praise Him harder. Whether you are healthy or sick – honor Him. It’s all about Him. He will always be there for you. He wants to take care of you.

And don’t forget to pray. Prayer is so vital to a strong walk with Christ. Say prayers of thanksgiving. Ask God for advice. Ask for healing. Pray for your children. Pray for your spouse. Pray for your co-workers. Pray for your neighbors. Pray for your enemies. Pray for guidance and wisdom. Pray for comfort and peace for those who are sick. Pray constantly.

For the lesson, unedited audio, handouts, PowerPoint slides, and video click [here].

Mark Lanier, the leader of the Context Bible study at Champion Forest Baptist Church, is a practicing attorney who also holds a B.A. in Biblical Languages from David Lipscomb University. He is both a committed student of Scripture and an excellent communicator of its truths.

If you do not have a church home, Mark invites you to come to Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, TX.  Attend the early service at 9:30 AM and then go the Family Life Center (located near the center of the church building) for his Life Group class, which begins at 11 AM. Mark’s class averages about 800 people every Sunday, so don’t be shy! Come and join them this Sunday!

Listen in every day to hear a portion of Mark’s lesson.

Remember, you can order a copy of his new book, “Christianity on Trial”, directly from the publisher [here].

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Discussed by Terry Lowry
with Host of the What's UP Radio Program

Host Terry Lowry interviews influential and knowledgeable guests on relevant topics for today.

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