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Current Show (July 7, 2015):

Discussed by Shona Holmes
with Shona Holmes (www.ShonaHolmes.com)

Part 1 of 3

Obamacare was modeled after the Canadian and Great Britain universal healthcare systems. Some Americans are happy about Obamacare. I’d venture to guess, however, that the majority of listeners to the What’s UP Radio Program are NOT happy with Obamacare. In fact, they know it’s bad news for the whole country.

New guest, Shona Holmes, agrees that Obamacare is not good. In fact, for the past five years, the Canadian mother and grandmother has made it her goal to education as many people as possible concerning the real issue: Health insurance does not mean access to healthcare. Currently, Canada has the same percentage of people without family doctors – the gateway to healthcare – as Americans who are uninsured. This is not due to a lack of doctors. Listen in as Shona explains the salary cap placed on doctors and the how the government has a hand in every single aspect of the every single patient’s medical file.

FACT: To clarify physician’s salary caps… If by September, a doctor has made the maximum amount he is allowed to make in one given year, he cannot see any more patients until January. If a hospital performs so many hours of surgery and it has hit its max by November 1, everyone else must wait until January.

Tune in to the next two segments with Shona as she goes into even more detail about the Canadian healthcare system and why she fears for America.

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Discussed by Shona Holmes
with Shona Holmes (www.ShonaHolmes.com)

Many physicians in Canada are now holding “lotteries” or “interviews” in order to pick and choose which patients they want in the clinic. Patients who do not win the “lottery” or succeed in the “interview” process are then forced to spend hours and hours (up to 17 or 18 hours!!) in hospital ER waiting rooms! Obviously, the patients who are the healthiest are chosen first; no one wants a diabetic or cancer patient eating up all their time and money.

It is also very rare that every member of a family is able to see the same doctor. If you are have a large family, then it’s pretty much a given that every member will have a different physician. Oh…and you can forget about going in for multiple issues at the same time. Shona Holmes explains that you get “one complaint per visit” and a physical is usually only allowed once every two years – on only half of your body!

Shona also explains in further detail the hurdles hospitals face concerning surgeries, medicine, hours, and money. She tells her personal story of waiting nine weeks just to get an MRI concerning a possible brain tumor – which she did, in fact, have. That was about eight years. Now, the wait time is…… It is absolutely astonishing!! Listen in to find out how long she has to wait!

FACT: If you live in a certain province (or zip code) and have a certain type of cancer, you might not qualify for treatment. You cannot purchase the treatment or medicine on your own dime – it is illegal!

Listen to the last segment with Shona Holmes as she concludes her discussion of the issues Canadians are faced with concerning universal healthcare.

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Discussed by Shona Holmes
with Shona Holmes (www.ShonaHolmes.com)

Obamacare is not about ending suffering; it’s about redistributing suffering to everyone.The subsidies will run out. The people who are happy with Obamacare on those subsidies. It is doomed to fail,” Shona says. Then comes the “single-payer system”, which is even worse.

Pray that you remain healthy. Pray that you have a good doctor and can keep that doctor. Pray your kids don’t break their arm on the swing set. Pray your parents don’t require home health services or a nursing home. Pray now that Obamacare is struck down in its entirety. Pray, friends. Pray hard and pray fast.

Feel free to share these segments via social media and email to all your contacts, especially to the Obamacare lovers.

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Discussed by Robert Knight
with American Civil Rights Union (www.TheACRU.org)

What if Americans had an organized plan to move illegally to Mexico by the millions over the next 10 years, get jobs – or free stuff because we don’t want to work – and then we demanded the right to vote? It. Would. Not. Happen. First, we would all be deported or put in a Mexican jail before we could say “Hola”. Second, even if we were able to somehow dupe the system and stay for a while, the second we wanted to vote, they’d laugh in our faces – and deport us or put us in jail!

So why not in America? Because the left wants more votes. Period. There is no other reason. Illegals do not contribute to society. They do not pay taxes. Many are on food stamps, housing assistance, and Medicaid or Medicare. All while being illegal. And now Democrats want to give them an all-access pass to voting booth.

Robert Knight, with The American Civil Rights Union, discusses the following issues: 1) Voter ID Laws (which 80% of the American people are in favor of), 2) voter information in multiple languages (as opposed to just English), 3) registering non-citizens (it’s up to each individual state, by the way), 4) long vs short primary elections, 5) ballots by mail, 6) Hillary Clinton’s absurd wishes, and 7) voter fraud.

FACT: Mexico has strict voter ID laws, meaning you cannot vote without being a citizen AND you must prove that you are a citizen by providing your legally issued government ID. And Hillary Clinton doesn’t approve of that in America….

Voting laws are often misunderstood or mistranslated. Keeping it simple would help a lot. Click here  for more from Robert Knight.

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Discussed by Mark Lanier
with Biblical Literacy (www.Biblical-Literacy.com)

Day 2

St. Benedict and Early Monasticism

Yesterday, Mark talked about the secularization of The Church. Some ideas were good and some were bad. He expands on more of the “pros” today. For example, Constantine was basically the first ruler to give rights to the people, specifically for women. Yay for Constantine!

The secularization of The Church also ended the Gladiator Fights, men killing each other for sports. Church rights concerning property ownership were vastly improved and polygamy and homosexuality were outlawed.

Side note: Paul is often misunderstood regarding the issue of women’s rights. Some people today still think Paul was a sexist pig, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! For example, Paul stated the male and female were the same under the church. He was actually very progressive, and so was Jesus. Listen in as Mark explains in more detail.

Tune in tomorrow to hear the “cons” of the secularization of The Church.

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Discussed by Terry Lowry
with Host of the What's UP Radio Program

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