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Current Show (September 19, 2019):

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Discussed by Leo Fuller
with Project 21 (www.NationalCenter.org)

Black unemployment is at records LOWS. So, why aren’t black activists applauding this accomplishment?

New guest, Leo Fuller, is a member of the national advisory council of the Project 21 Black Leadership Network, a division of the National Canter. Leo was the first black manufactured home dealer in southern California and has been operating his business for over 33 years. In his community, he is a prominent political activist and serves on the board of his church.

Questions/Issues Discussed:

Why aren’t the record-low black unemployment numbers being cheered by all black activists and the MSM?

Do Project 21 members credit President Trump’s economic policies for increased minority opportunities?

Did the first Black President, Barak Obama, ever have employment numbers matching President Trumps?

Why can’t the majority of Americans see the REAL difference in Trump’s policies and Obama’s policies?

How can Conservatives compete against “Santa Clause”? Leo Fuller says the first thing we must do is take back our schools.

Why do the majority of blacks vote for Democrats?

Leo shares how he was STUNNED to see the radicals at Berkley, where his middle daughter graduated college. He says this in closing: “We are no longer whites vs blacks. We’re no longer Hispanics vs Asians. We’re Americans against the rest of the world.

Discussed by Bradford Traywick
with Texas Public Policy Foundation (www.TexasPolicy.com)

FACT: The majority of small businesses in Texas do not have a single employee.

FACT: The number of black Texans who own their own business has doubled over the last ten years.

New guest, Bradford Traywick, is the Project Coordinator for the Booker T. Washington Initiative, a division of the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Bradford has a long list of accomplishments, including: mentoring undergraduate students with the Panther Advisory Leaders program at Prairie View A&M and the Program Coordinator for the Men of Honor and Women of Integrity programs at San Jacinto College.

Questions/Issues Discussed:

Given the FACTS above, why would anyone want to own their own business?

Is it harder for minorities to start and succeed as small business owners in Texas?

Why don’t blacks apply for small business loans? Do the majority just use their own personal savings?

What three skills must a small business owner have to succeed today?

How is Bradford applying his talents in assisting minority owned businesses today?

You can read more about this issue here.

Discussed by Sara Tracey
with The What's UP Radio Program

Mark Lanier has a brand-new devotional book out:Torah for Living: Daily Prayers, Wisdom, and Guidance.”

Listen as Sara Tracey shares today’s devotion from from from Numbers 16:3-14

Some people purposefully twist words around to cause damage. Mark writes that this stems from a rebellious heart. He warns us to guard our hearts and be careful not to purposefully mislead others with our words. Be truthful and honest. Always.

Discussed by Mark Lanier
with Biblical Literacy (www.Biblical-Literacy.com)

Day 4

We can learn a lot about Jesus by reading the Gospel of John. We also learn about John the Baptist, Andrew, and Nathaniel.

What did these three men say about Jesus? Who did they say Jesus was?

The BIG questions for this week, though, is: Who is Jesus?

Scripture Reference: John 20:30-31

Questions/Issues Discussed:

Why did Mark have “the sacrificial Lamb of God” carved on his chapel doors?

Mark promised to discuss Andrew in this lesson… Now it’s time!

Who was Andrew? What did Andrew do FIRST? Who did Andrew say Jesus was?

What did Jesus say to Andrew? What did Jesus say to Peter? And why did Jesus change his name?

Mark recommends reading Genesis 27:30-33 – the story about Jacob and Esau to understand who Nathaniel was… More on this tomorrow!

Scripture Reference: John 1:35-42

For more information about Mark’s Class, click [here]

Discussed by Pastor Steven Morris
with Champion Forest Baptist Church (www.ChampionForest.org)

Day 4

Last week, Mark Lanier began a three-part sermon series on Worship: I Saw the Lord.

This week, Pastor Steven Morris digs deeper into Isaiah 6:1-8 to examine Isaiah’s response to God’s mercy and holiness. How can you identify with Isaiah? How are you responding to God’s holiness?

Pastor Steven reminds us: “God is not hiding! He’s right there waiting for you!

Questions/Issues Discussed:

We must humble ourselves in the presence of God.
We must confess our sin before God.

How can we identify with Isaiah? What can we learn from Isaiah? One thing Pastor Steven says: “If you say you’re sorry – mean it!”

Scripture reference:
Psalm 139
Psalm 51

Discussed by Terry Lowry
with Host of the What's UP Radio Program

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