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Current Show (October 22, 2019):

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Discussed by Brad Mattes
with Life Issues Institute www.lifeissues.org

Disclaimer: Use caution when listening to this segment around young children. Issues discussed may be upsetting or hard for little ones to understand.

When does life begin? Planned Parenthood says one thing; science says another. Brad Mattes has the truth straight from God in today’s segment. Brad, the President of Life Issues, also discusses the dangers of Gardasil.

Questions/Issues Discussed:

Is Satan, the father of lies, using Planned Parenthood as his biggest tool?

Who and what is The Carnegie Stages of Human Embryonic Development? For more on this click here.

What is so wrong/bad about Gardasil?

Is there a class action lawsuit against the makers of Gardasil?

Discussed by Glenn Stanton
with Focus on the Family www.Family.org

Part 1 of 2

Have you heard about the hoopla surrounding Ellen DeGeneres and President George Bush? Quick background: They sat together at a football game and the Left went crazy mad!

Glenn Stanton says this is not a Leftist issue or a Christian issue. It is an “everyone issue”. Glenn is the Director of Family Formations at Focus on the Family.

Questions/Issues Discussed:

Can we all learn from stories centered around non-believers, outcasts from Church, and the Synagogue?

King David wasn’t perfect. Moses was a killer. Noah was a drunk. Paul dedicated to his life to persecuting Christians. Did God change each of these men? Is he still changing the hearts of men and women today?

Glen says this: “The only people that really belong in God’s Kingdom are those that need God’s help. And that is everybody.

Should parents be willing to admit to their kids when they mess up?

Why did the Left get so crazy mad about Ellen and George being friends? Were Christians upset over the situation?

Discussed by Glenn Stanton
with Focus on the Family www.Family.org

Questions/Issues Discussed:

What was Ellen’s response to those who chastised her?

Is it really possible for us to be kind to everyone – no matter our beliefs?

Remember what Paul said: “As much as it is possible, be at peace with all people.

Discussed by Sara Tracey
with The What's UP Radio Program

Mark Lanier has a brand-new devotional book out:Torah for Living: Daily Prayers, Wisdom, and Guidance.”

Listen as Sara Tracey shares today’s devotion from from from Numbers 33:3-4

Do you have a coping mechanism? Such as: comfort food, shopping, gambling, drinking, maybe even isolation or anger… Do you realize that these “coping tools” are actually gods? Yep, that’s right! We need to remember to turn to God in times of trouble, not these coping tools.

Discussed by Mark Lanier
with Biblical Literacy (www.Biblical-Literacy.com)

Day 2

This week, Mark Lanier teaches on the “Woman at the Well. This is a story many people in the church shy away from because the woman was not what you would call “holy” or “pure”. But remember: God didn’t send Jesus to save perfect people – because there aren’t any!

Scripture Passage: John 4:1-46

Questions/Issues Discussed:

When Jesus told the woman about her past and current husbands, what was her response?

Why were the disciples confused when Jesus said he had already eaten?

Did any other Samaritans believe because of the woman’s testimony?

Why is the way John writes this story important?

Mark discusses “three strikes” against the woman…

For more information about Mark’s Class, click [here]

Discussed by Pastor Steven Morris
with Champion Forest Baptist Church (www.ChampionForest.org)

Day 2

Does your season seem unbearable? Remember: God has brought you through every season you’ve ever faced; He will bring you through another one – and another one – and another one.

This week, Pastor Steven Morris focuses on “Trusting God. Listening to God. And obeying God.” How did Joshua and the Israelites trust, listen to, and obey God at Jericho?

Scripture Passage: Joshua 5:13-14 and 6:1-20

Questions/Issues Discussed:

How is the city of Jericho like a turtle?

TRUST GOD (Joshua 6:2)
Why is trust our first priority?

If you knew you couldn’t lose, would your outlook on life change? Guess what?!?! You can’t lose!!

Pastor Steven shares a great baseball story… He is now a pitching coach for his son’s pee-wee baseball team! Ahhhh – fun times!

Discussed by Terry Lowry
with Host of the What's UP Radio Program

Host Terry Lowry interviews influential and knowledgeable guests on relevant topics for today.


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